Digging The BarkOutdoor play is an essential part of our learning at First Steps Kindergarten. Our outdoor playing environment is split into different sections in order to accomodate the needs of different age groups. Each area is equipped with a wide range of toys, bikes, balls, slides and climbing equipment which the children enjoy playing with and are encouraged to learn the importance of sharing and co-operation.

Playing In The Snow 

As with indoor play, the children are supervised at all times and there are staff-led activities, whilst also allowing for independent play. Children go outside in all weather conditions so parents are asked to supply appropriate outdoor footwear (wellies in the winter), suitable clothing (coats, gloves and hats in the winter), and for summer time, sun hats and sun cream are required.


Vegetable PatchIn one corner of the garden, we have a vegetable patch which the children are involved in planting and nurturing plants, flowers and vegetables. The patch was created with the intention that when vegetables are grown, children will be able to see the end product put to use in their healthy meals.

Outdoor Playing Environment